• Miss Maja Smiljkovic
Name :
Maja Smiljkovic
Country :
Ages :
Height :
173.0 cm
Weight :
58.0 kg
Body figure :
35 23 36
Education/Occupation :
Student at Faculty of Geography
Hobbies :
Photography, learning new languages, travelling
Ambitions :
For me its important to live a healthy and happy life with prosperity in all fields.
I am a communicative and open person who loves people and animals, sports which brought in my life healthy habits and help me to develop competitive spirit. I pulling my creative power from nature and its was the main reason for me to study geography. I adore Greece and beauty of that country inspire me to learn Greek. I do photography in my free time and its the best way to catch the best moments in life through the lens of the camera.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :


          Today we live in the world were wars are present as ever. It is because there are many differences between people as there were before. There are just too many “us”, and too many “them”. I haven’t been so lucky to have travelled all over the world, but I have been lucky enough to have studied geography. from the relatively small international experience I have, I’ve come to realize that travelling, meeting other countries and cultures allows us to see beyond our national and political borders. I have come to realize that it unconsciously creates only one group – “us”. I truly believe that mutual understanding is the recipe for peace. We need to embrace differences and live among them together as one.