• Miss Yajna Debideen
Name :
Yajna Debideen
Country :
South Africa
Ages :
Height :
169.0 cm
Weight :
58.0 kg
Body figure :
35 25 35
Education/Occupation :
Community Service Officer- Audiologist
Hobbies :
Modelling, dancing, acting, shopping, cooking, watching movies
Ambitions :
My ambition is to win MGI and leave an international legacy. I want to positively impact the world and be a world renowned model.
I am a confident yet humble individual. In 5 years I have won numerous beauty pageant titles such as Miss India SA KZN 2013, 2nd Princess Miss India SlSA 2013, Miss Catwalk 2016, Miss Photogenic, Best Talent 2013 and 2016, Best Groomed, Best Hair Poize Model of the year 2015 and 5th Princess Miss India SA International 2015. My best characteristic is a positive attitude and my weakness is being a perfectionist as it can be very stressful and time consuming. Having said that my time management skills and organisational skills are also my strong points. I am a hardworking individual who always strives to achieve the best and be the best possible version of myself. I see my purpose in life as making a difference in society and helping people. Having said that I am the ambassador of Feed the Babies Fund. Our aim is to eradicate malnutrition amongst poverty stricken children in my province. I believe in doing onto others as you would like done onto yourself. I am very passionate about women empowerment and social upliftment causes.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :


               I think that the Stop the War and Violence campaign is very powerful and unique. It makes the MGI unlike any other beauty pageant in the world. It is a campaign of utmost importantance and one that very few have the courage to take on. Kudos.