• Miss Sanjeda John
Name :
Sanjeda John
Country :
Ages :
Height :
168.0 cm
Weight :
47.0 kg
Body figure :
32 24 35
Education/Occupation :
Student, Degree in Biomedical Science
Hobbies :
Reading fashion blogs, cooking and watching documentaries.
Ambitions :
Forensic Scientist
I'm easy going and friendly. I live my life to the fullest and ensure that people around me are greeted with love and happiness. I'm determine to achieve my goals in life and entering Miss Grand Malaysia was my last try after other attempts, and I was dedicated and prepared myself physically and mentally. Today, I am who I am for all the experiences I endured in my life.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :


            In my personal opinion, the world today need as much of humanity approach in providing the future generation a better world to live. The cause 'Stop The War and Violence' may be huge but a small step of action can easily bring this conflicts to greater resolution especially for the young children. In personally would like to tackle the violence against women and children, where there are still societies today that do not give equality and opportunities.