• Miss Susanna Lehtsalu
Name :
Susanna Lehtsalu
Country :
Ages :
Height :
177.0 cm
Weight :
58.0 kg
Body figure :
34 25 36
Education/Occupation :
High school, Saving money and planning to go to the university, working as a model, dancer and promoter.
Hobbies :
For hobbies I love to ride a horse, sew clothes and do make up. A very important thing for me is also Exerciseing. Exerciseing, dancing, swimming Running. A strong body has a healthy soul and a good health.
Ambitions :
My ambition is to go to makeup school. Makeup has always been very close to me. In my opinion, there are no ugly people in the world, but there are plenty who are struggling with insecurity. And I can help them feel butter
I am a very opened person. I really like to communicate with people. As a promoter, this is exactly what I'm doing everyday. I am cheerful and have a positive attitude towards life. I like to help people and sometimes I do it at the expense of my own well-being. I think this is also one of the reasons why I'm donateing blood as a donor. I have been giving regular blood donations in every four months. I really like what I do. After the donation I have warm feeling inside. I know I've been able to save someone's life. Secondly, I like to work as a volunteer at the Animal Center. Animals are one of the greatest love in my life. There are so many innocent animals in the world and I know that I can't help them all, but I can start with the fact that one dog get's a new bed or the other dog can walk instead of sitting in his cage all day long. The third one may get his first toy or mouthpiece of high quality food.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :


               Listen! What do you hear? Most of us do not hear anything that will disturb us. We have a roof over our heads and food on the table. But now imagine that you will hear gunfire and bomb exploding. You hear the cry of the hungry children. Someone just lost his familymember. Death and pain- that is in the hearts of these people. Why do we do this? Why does someone have to lose their lives without any sense of conscience? There are so many things in the world that need to be fought anyway. Like diseases, natural disasters. Why waste energy on wars? Why don't we put this energy in the place where it is really needed. Why not invent cure for cancer? We can not change the world overnight! But every step of the way will change something for someone. Let's start with a few things and note that soon there will be more people who stand next to us and would like to follow this same path with us!