• Miss Rejean Bosh
Name :
Rejean Bosh
Country :
Ages :
Height :
167.0 cm
Weight :
48.0 kg
Body figure :
32 24 34
Education/Occupation :
Currently Majoring In Nursing At The Universtity Of The Bahamas & Occupation (Sales Representative )
Hobbies :
Reading Novels, Modeling,Voluntering At Neighborhood Crime Watch, & Creating Native Handbags
Ambitions :
My ambition in life is to become more polished and empowered than I was yesterday, So that I can profoundly affect a nation tomorrow.
Growing up in the beautiful islands of The Bahamas, I have learnt to 'embrace what you have until you make room for more'. During my childhood I was referred to as timid but as I progressed and matured I took the initiative to break my comfort barrier. My first venture was a local televised competition that was hosted by Bahamas Telecomuncation Company. The show was geared toward finding a young brand ambassador by tests and challenges. Although I did not leave the competition victorious, it was still an experience that helped me to acknowledge my weaknesses and develop personal strengths. That experience was and still is the driving force behind my determination. I am Currently A Bachelors Major In Nursing at The University Of The Bahamas, and a Sales Associate at The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. My Education and occupation both should reflect the care and passion I possess for helping those around me. Although my schedule requires much of my time I still manage to volunteer at neighborhood crime watch facilities, and homes for the less fortunate to keep in touch with my society. Being Crowned Miss Grand Bahamas 2017, I've learnt that it takes determination and perseverance to achieve what seems impossible. Had I not taken the initiative to break my comfort barrier, I would have never achieved any of my accomplishments neither would I have been able to help others achieve theirs. Embarking on such a bold journey as a young individual wasn't only done for self gratification but to be a positive advocate for the people of my country and the world.
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