Name :
Country :
Ages :
Height :
171.0 cm
Weight :
52.0 kg
Body figure :
32 23.5 36
Education/Occupation :
M.B., B.S(YANGON), Doctor
Hobbies :
Traveling, Volunteering in charity
Ambitions :
Professional Presenter
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :


             It is a serious matter we all have been avoiding for so long. We have started to accept that war is something that cannot be stopped. Stop the war and violence is necessary in order to change people's mindsets. it is needed to educate people and let them know that war cannot win to us. War is beneath us. War is not bigger than us.. through this campaign we need to send out the message that with all of us combined together, standing in unity, fighting together as one, one day we would have achieved something that has been bothering our society for so long- gruesome murders and so much bloodshed- that dehumanizing thing that we call war. we are going to eventually stop the traumas and find peace for the future generation.we will have to keep working hard until we find peace and if we can't achieve that mission in this life, in this generation then i guess we have the responsibility to pass it onto the future generation so they can take care of it- finish what we have started. That's what this entire campaign is about- never losing hope. We have to be trying at all times, doesn't matter what role we plays in the society we all need to be contributing to this mission individually in order make a whole lot of difference. Stop the war and violence campaign is about believing, never losing hope and always willing to make a difference even at the hardest of times, even at the times when we think things cannot be changed and the gruesome realities will be reality permanently. In conclusion the campaign is throwing away all your negative beliefs in everything you have believed. Just because war has been around for too long that doesn't mean it's normal that doesn't mean it cannot be stopped. it is not impossible to stop the war. Remember that the world impossible itself says ' I'm possible' So let's get it going and start making a difference today.