• Miss Juliane Rohlmann
Name :
Juliane Rohlmann
Country :
Ages :
Height :
172.0 cm
Weight :
53.0 kg
Body figure :
34 22 35
Education/Occupation :
Education: Abitur ( A levels) Occupation: administrative assistant at University
Hobbies :
Dance, Fitness, Swimming, Travel, Motorsport
Ambitions :
To become the next Miss Grand International, work in the Stop the War and Violence campaign for a better humanity and make the Miss Grand International Pageant more famous in Germany and Europe.
I am friendly and candid person who loves to meet people and cultures from around the world. I also love to travel and explore the world. My motto is to be kind to everyone. You only get what you give and you should always try to leave people with a smile in their faces. For me its important to be in harmony with yourself, accept yourself as you are, believe in you and you can reach every goal you set.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :


               For the "Stop the War and Violence Campaign" at first we have to differentiate the reasons for War and Violence around the world. In some countries its religion, in some political problems, in some its famine, grievances or missing education. It is important to help the countries to solve these problems, help them to build a stable government, build shools, create jobs, donate food and money for the people who have lost their families and homes. And its also important to show them love. To show them that we care about them and show that there is someone who will help.