• Miss Nikola Uhlirova
Name :
Nikola Uhlirova
Country :
Czech Republic
Ages :
Height :
173.0 cm
Weight :
49.0 kg
Body figure :
33 22 35
Education/Occupation :
high school governance
Hobbies :
dance, photoshooting, playing on piano, nature, reading, traveling, fitness, healthy lifestyle, fashion, volunteer works
Ambitions :
i have currently ,crown in my head in my country and I carry on my duties. I love it and my greatest wish and dream I have now is win your pageant Miss Grand International.
First of all, I'm very positive person, I love laugh and I like to try new things. I am very friendly and making new contacts. I can be very funny, but I also think that I'm the type of woman who when is necessary in my position Miss i can be diplomatic, act like a lady and also ,,royal´´. I like new challenges and I always like it when I have people with the same interest, to support each other. That why I'm looking forward to all the girls whose will be there.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :


               In my opinion, war is something that should disappear from our world, because it hurts all beings. Children are our future and it is not good to grow up in violence, leaving it where it is normal to carry guns on the street. At TV news every day is violence and I would like to all parents in the world that children grow up in peace and love. In our country the war was a long time, but my grandparents live at that time and they always told me how horrible it was and how many people were dying. Children were sent to concentration camps and Jews to the gas chambers. This is completely against humanity. We should spread peace and love. I like to do charity work and i love to cooporate in change the world for the better place. In countries where war is, I am not afraid to come and give the my help hand. Because i my/our motto is ,,Stop the war and violence´´.