• Miss Danielle Latimer
Name :
Danielle Latimer
Country :
Ages :
Height :
168.0 cm
Weight :
54.0 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
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Ambitions :
      As a child I was very gifted at sports. When I was 16 I was approached by the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, this was to represent the youth of Great Britain at the 117th IOC meeting in Singapore. I had the honor to help deliver London's bid with David Beckham, Lord Sebastian Coe and many more of my Olympic heroes.
      We were victorious but I decided to give up on my Olympic dreams to study dance at university.
      I was student body representative for my year group at university and was captain of my cheerleading squad; I then went on to become a national champion cheerleader once finishing my studies.
      Currently, I run a handful of small businesses and write a blog about my lifestyle of being a vegan. I love to spread the message of how amazing a plant based lifestyle is and how it benefits the our environment.
      I love to make the most of life and every opportunity. I have a disabled sister who has Downs Syndrome and she has taught me to be patient, compassionate but most of all to appreciate everything that life has to offer. I put every success to her.
      It would be a honor to be Miss Grand International 2015 and to spread the message of peace, compassion and love.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :

      The 'Stop the War and Violence' campaign to me means spreading love, support
and aid to those in need from conflict. As well as educating our future generations the
importance of compassion and acceptance. The future of the planet is in their hands
and we need to spread the message of peace.

       Hatred and discrimination are taught and it is human nature to love. Love thy
neighbor and show every inhabitant on this earth respect. This would make the world
a more peaceful place.

      It would be a honor to be the vessel that delivers this message as
Miss Grand International 2015.