• Miss Elaine Mwangi
Name :
Elaine Mwangi
Country :
Ages :
Height :
182.0 cm
Weight :
65.0 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
rd year student in Business Communicate St.Pauls University
Hobbies :
Ambitions :
      'Am a lady who is enthusiastic about her goals, I enjoy the simple things in life being happy is a state of mind and I believe people should not get less than they deserve.
      I always look towards the next big thing hence me joining the Miss Kenya Grand International competition. I consider it a noble platform through which I will learn a lot that is going to build me and contribute to me being a strong and independent woman.
      I have a great passion for children ,my soul is healed by being with children. Am a lady that believes in the bright day break of peace and brotherhood ,you may say am a dreamer but I am not the only one . I hope someday will all join and the world will be as one.'
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :

      Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
We don't need no more violence, we need people to see each other, feel each other
touch each other and change hearts with each other. There is no life in violence.

      It is the little things that citizens do that make a difference, if we show love from
the simplest acts of love then peace would be achieved. Putting an end to violence is
not the responsibility of one person, eradication of violence will require a collective
response in which everyone has a role to play.

      I chose to teach life skills in social development programs to help improve social
skills, boost educational achievement hence improve jobs prospects among the youth
and reduce their involvement in violence. I will also be part of school-based programs
to facilitate the provision of effective care and support to victims of interpersonal
violence to protect their health and help break the cycles of violence from
one generation to the next.

      Giant oak trees have deep root systems that can extend two-and-one half times
their height. Such trees rarely are blown down regardless of how violent the storms
may be. Togetherness as a world will make us strong enough to be able to conquer
various vices in our societies and nations violence being one."