• Miss Lauren Peterson
Name :
Lauren Peterson
Country :
United States of America
Ages :
Height :
176.0 cm
Weight :
59.0 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
M.ED Autism Spectrum Disorders BA Early Childhood Special Education Occupation:Lindenwood University Regional Director for Health Connect AmericaAngles of Hope
Hobbies :
Ambitions :
      ' Sawat Dee Thailand! I am Miss Grand United States 2015, Lauren Petersen, a 24 year-old professional educator with a Masters degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders. I was born in the show me state of Missouri but moved to Virginia after graduating from Lindenwood University to pursue my career in aiding children with autism.
      Living where I do affords me incredible opportunities to enjoy all my country has to offer. I am a 30 minute drive from Washington DC, the capital of the United States; and a hour drive to the Appalachian mountain range that stretches down the east coast of the United States from Georgia to Maine. At a moments notice I can be in our nation’s capital, visiting museums, exploring my country’s historic monuments or stop and attend a congressional meeting where laws are created and passed.
     When I desire peace and tranquility, I can travel to the west to hike mountains in a vast wilderness with spectacular views. '
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :

      "As an educator, I believe that one of the most successful ways of stopping conflict and
war is with our children. Raising children to be tolerant and accepting of other religions,
ethnicities, cultures and beliefs will ensure that as adults they will be more accepting of others.
Love is a natural feeling that we are all born with but hate is a learned behavior. 

     Children learn from what they see, what they hear and how they live. If they see intolerance
of others they will model that behavior as intolerant adults. If they hear hate, they will speak hate.
If the live in conflict, they will never know peace. In contrast, if we as adults live by example and
show them how to treat each other in a loving and accepting ways, they will grow up to loving and
accepting adults. And in turn, will know and live in peace."