• Miss Georgette Jackson
Name :
Georgette Jackson
Country :
New Zealand
Ages :
Height :
180.0 cm
Weight :
62.0 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
Hobbies :
Ambitions :
     I am 25 years old living life in Auckland City, New Zealand. I have an extremely blessed life where I teach children to dance each day. I love to inspire and instill passion in each and every child.

     On my days off I spend time modeling, or attending charity events. I like to create, with my dancing, but also with crafts. I enjoy making small gifts and cards for friends and family. My family do not live close to me, so whenever I can, I travel to spend time with them.

     I also love to read self - help and motivational books.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :

      To 'stop the war' we must first ask, why is there war? I do believe this is because
we have a lack of understanding and tolerance towards other cultures, what they value,
and how they work as a whole.

      Compassion is the key answer to stopping the war and teaching our children, the
younger generation, to respect all other cultures. This will soon find us living in harmony
with one another. Love and acceptance is important, we must pass on these key values
to all children in schools and ask them to respect others. We can live in peace with each
other if we accept that we are all different in our own ways, yet all very unique and alike.

     Education is the next answer to this question. War can stem from a lack of knowledge
about one certain culture and their differences to others. When we have a better
understanding and tolerance of differences, we can break the barriers down to fight racism
and neglect.

     Humans are all individuals, but when we band together we can make big changes.
I am proud New Zealand is a Nuclear Free country. We were also the first country to allow
women the right to vote. In New Zealand we have equal rights for all men and women to
marry, gender equality is something we pride ourselves on.

     We are a forward thinking country where we have made a promise to keep peace and
to teach others to make changes also. In this ever terrorizing world we need leaders to
make a stand and speak out for all the lost souls. It is important to open our hearts up to
those affected by war, the normal citizens caught in the cross fire.

    I cannot wait to work with The Miss Grand International Organization to bring peace
into the media and to change lives through visiting refugee camps and war-torn countries."