• Miss San Htate Htar Linn
Name :
San Htate Htar Linn
Country :
Ages :
Height :
172.0 cm
Weight :
50.0 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
2nd year, MBA, Yangon University of Economics
Hobbies :
Ambitions :
     My name is San Htate Htar Linn. I am a 21-year-old MBA student. In 2012 August, I took part in 'Social Business Competition' organized by Arun, Japan in Cambodia and our group got second winning prize. Back in Myanmar in February 2012, our team got winning Prize in 'Myanmar Social Enterprise Challenge’. With these credentials, I was invited to participate in 'Global Social Venture Competition' in Thailand in March 2012.
     I volunteered as a Planning Officer in 2013 and as a President in 2014 at American Center Music Organization. I volunteered for backstage in Miss Universe Myanmar 2013 and this is where I met, Ms. Nikar, my national director. After I earned BBA in 2014, I competed in CIMA Case Study and our team got 1st runner up prize. During my freshman year of MBA, I was invited to ASEAN+3 Education Forum and Young Speaker contest and I stayed in the University of Kebangsaan Malaysia compound for all most two weeks and our group got 'Most Active Group Award'.
     My internship was in PricewaterhouseCoppers. Traveling around the world as social volunteer is one of my dream and I My aim is to establish ‘Social Enterprise’ foundation. Being a contestant of Miss Grand, I believe I will experience ‘Insight Thai Culture’, meet with new friends from all over the world, who have the same aim upon one topic ‘Stop the War’.
     I as Miss Grand Myanmar believe I will get more knowledge and ideas how we could eliminate the ‘War’ which is one of the biggest social problems from these beautiful contestants. And last not the least, I really hope to get a chance to help people who suffer the adverse of war under the guidance of ‘Miss Grand International Organization’.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :

      Everyone needs PEACE. If we have the empathy and sympathy towards other we will have
a peaceful life. In my opinion, the tremble healing itself cannot stop the whole war but we need
to raise the awareness of how to stop the war at the same time. As the popular proverb says,
“prevention is better than cure’, we have to find the root cause to solve the problem before
the war.

     So, from my point of view, we have to raise the awareness of the adverse effect of war
sustainably and virtually to public with the help of media. Through this activity, public will aware
how bad the war is and to know how to keep the true humanity in their heart. The more they get
awareness, the more they participate in “Stop the War” activities. Then they will become against
violence and wars from the bottom of their heart.

    Finally, as our objective, the more this kind of people who against the war, there will be lesser
violence and wars, the tribes, the nations will be reunited and peaceful planet shall be raised once
again. I believe the mutual respect will bring peace. Let’s show the Power of South East Asia!