• Miss Natalie Carriere
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Natalie Carriere
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My Name Is Natalie Carriere; I Enjoy Musical Theatre, Public Speaking And Lending A Helping Hand. Growing Up In Canada Has Taught Me Of The Many Cultures That Call Canada Home, I Learned That A Little Kindness Can Go A Long Way And It Is Important To Accept Others For Who They Are, And To Always Give Peace A Chance. Canadians Are Adventurous, Educated, And Always Willing To Lend A Hand. Everyone Is Proud Of Their Heritage And Culture. I Believe That Canada Is The Prime Example Of Different Cultures And Races Living Harmoniously As One. As Miss Grand Canada 2013 I Encourage My Country To Remain The Peaceful, Friendly Country That It Has Grown To Be And Extend A Hand To The Other Countries Of The World To Do The Same. No Matter What May Happen In This Life, It Is Important To Stay Positive And To See The Glass As Half Full, Rather Than Half Empty. If You Find Peace Within Yourself, Your Spirit And Your Soul, You Can Spread This Peace Across Your Community, Country And The World! I Hope To Empower People Young And Old And Remind Them That We Are All Citizens Of This Planet And It Is Our Duty To Educate Ourselves On What Is Happening; To Use Our Voice And Make A Choice; To STOP THE WAR, And Bring Peace And Happiness For Generations To Come. We Are A Team And It Is Our Duty To Protect Our Home, Together!
location at :  Novotel Airport Bangkok
Personal Opinion

I As Well As Many Others Dream Of A World With No Violence And No Hate, A World Filled With Extraordinary Individuals That Can Live Harmoniously Amongst One Another. We Dream Of Every Citizen’s Voice Being Heard And The Sound Of Dangerous Weapons Silenced. This Dream World Is Wonderful, But Why Must A World Without War Have To Be A Fantasy? STOP THE WAR Aims To Turn Opinion Into Action, To Turn This Peaceful Dream World Into Reality. As Miss Grand Canada 2013 I Believe That Violence And War Does Not Have To Be Option #1. Words Can Be Very Effective. I Encourage Our Countries Leaders To Use Their Voice; To Mediate And Negotiate. If We Work Together As A Team And Eliminate War As An Option; We Are Able To Open Our Eyes To A World With Less Violence, Reduced Numbers Of Innocent Dead, And Make The World A More Peaceful Place.