• Miss Anna Lisa
Name :
Anna Lisa
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Ages :
Height :
170.0 cm
Weight :
48.0 kg
Body figure :
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      My name is Anna-Liisa, I am 24 years old and I live in Tallinn, the capital of a small peaceful tech-savvy country named Estonia. As a child, rhythmic gymnastics was a big part of my life, as I used to train 6 times a week. This is where I got my big sense of duty. After finishing gymnastic trainings I dedicated myself more to school. I studied advertising and public relations in the university and nowadays this is luckily what I do as my daily job. I'm responsible for the program and marketing of the biggest nightclub of Estonia. I truly enjoy my job because it offers great variance, it's sociable and challenging.
      In the future I hope to develop myself more and more and see what opportunities life brings me.
      In general, I consider myself a friendly, hard working person who enjoys company and teamwork, is warmhearted and loves travelling. Whatever I do, I am always dedicated to it and give my best.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :

      "I think every situation in the world is solvable by words and compromises. People and cultures
have always been different and they always will be. This is something we should all accept and admire,
not fight against. War will not solve any problems in the world, co-operations and toleration will.

      Extirpating violence from the world is a long process but trough the small changes that all of us can
make every day, we can help to achieve this goal all together. For example, by social media and charity
events we are able to show how much a small donation or informing people can help someone.

      Social media campaigns seem to be very powerful today. Luckily more and more people tend to
share these campaigns, raising the knowledge among their friends. I think people are the most acceptive
to the information they can relate to themselves. Situations out of everyday life that surround us
make us realize that the problem is not so far from us.

      I truly hope that people will realize one day what kind of changes they are able to make and
how they can help each other by making just the little efforts every day."