• Miss Tatana Makarenko
Name :
Tatana Makarenko
Country :
Czech Republic
Ages :
Height :
175.0 cm
Weight :
51.0 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
Student, Metropolitan University Prague, International relations and European studies. in June 2015, the title master. Now student a doctoral studies in the same field to be PhDr.
Hobbies :
Ambitions :
     I'm an ambitious young woman who had for its goal to have your own beauty pageant Miss Face Czech Republic and be the largest in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, I am a very busy student doctoral degrees and the most I enjoy the scope of the safety studies and the defence of the State. I see a great future in it, and the need for the whole of our earth. I am also a model, which is publicly known in the Czech Republic and in the media. I want to continue with it as long as possible.
     I have a small but amazing family and a wonderful boyfriend to which I want to one day have a family. After that i will fulfill my life's dreams, as in a work, student, so normal, like travel and exploring new countries and cultures, which I love.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :

      I think that the campaign Stop The War and Violence focused mainly on small children,
which now grow up in violence. In the television series and films of the fight, war, killing,
which shows that it is on the order of the day, but it is not. So I banned the sale of children's
toys, which are replicas of weapons. One human can´t change the world. And just thinking
and assumptions will change nothing.

      Such things should be teach in school, the emphasis on parents to be interested in
seeing how their kids are growing up, what goes into the friends group and to what on
the Internet looking. The effort and commitment of all can gradually start a new life for
all of us. It is necessary to start with it right now. Later can mean never.