• Miss Kelly Louise Maguire
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Kelly Louise Maguire
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Hi! I’m Kelly, And I’m Very Proud To Be Representing Australia At The Inaugural Miss Grand International Competition. I’m Originally From The Famous And Very Beautiful Beaches Of Sydney, And Because Of This I Only Feel Truly At Home When I’m At The Beach Or Near The Water. I’m An Accomplished Academic, As I’m About To Graduate (Again!) From My University, With A Master’s Degree In International Relations.
location at :  Novotel Airport Bangkok
Personal Opinion

As I’m Doing My Master’s Degree By Research, I’ve Had Extensive Time To Reflect On International Borders And How These Are Impacted Or Altered By Political Agendas. Although I Come From A Relatively Peaceful Country That Has Never Been Afflicted By Civil War, It’s Important To Recognise Australians Have Fought In Numerous International Conflicts Over The Past Century - Arguably A Few Of Which We Should Have Had No Part. The Egregious Loss Of Life Is Horrific, And As Decades Fly By The Reasons For Warfare Appear To Become Increasingly Abstract. By Perpetuating International Disputes We Appear To Be Playing Into The Hands Of Those Whose Interest Is The Unrest Of A Region Due To Reasons Beyond Our Comprehension As Mere Observers. In Addition To This, I Believe It Muddies The Idea Of Nation Sovereignty, Which Opens An Unnecessary Can Of Worms In Terms Of International Politics And Power Plays. Ultimately, No Matter Which War We Speak Of And How Big It Is, You Cannot Continue To Fight And Expect To Attain Peace.