• Miss Kaylee Christine Shallow
Name :
Kaylee Christine Shallow
Country :
St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Ages :
Height :
175.0 cm
Weight :
61.0 kg
Body figure :
82/72/98 cm
Education/Occupation :
91.5/66/93 cm
Hobbies :
singing&dancing,participating in physical activities,weight training,jogging andall sport,Play piano
Ambitions :
To make others happy as well as bring satisfaction to myself sharing with the world how important it is to find peace.
Hello, my name is Kaylee Christine Shallow, I’m 22 years old, and I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. My family name is Christopher we come from Bridgetown Byobu in St. Vincent and have a store in the community. My Granny along with my dad, who was six years old at the time, left St. Vincent and moved to the UK. They later came to Canada where my parents met.

I am currently attending Mohawk College, studying the General Arts and Science program, my courses include sociology, physiology, anthropology, and environmental sustainability; I am extremely interested in why humans do the things they do, how social groups work, and how we can use this to find a sustainable way of living.

I believe that if we can unite and come together in peace we will be able to maintain our planet instead of continuing to destroy it.
location at :  Novotel Airport Bangkok
Personal Opinion


To stop the war and violence around the world we need to properly educate, cloth, feed, and house the world’s inhabitants.
With most of our planets population in inhumane living conditions, not having enough resources for their people like clean water, or having a proper education leads to war; they are malnourished, without home, and just simply just follow basic primal instincts that we have obtained from our ancestors and that is to fight each other for what we need.

Fortunately we have come a long way educationally since this barbaric time, but unfortunately many parts of the world still don’t have the basic tools to fully harness the power of education. Our planet earth has enough resources to cloth, feed, and educate all of its people; if we can come together as one instead of competing with each other to see who can have the best, or the most, and realize we are all the same we could possibly unite and find a sustainable way of living. If we can do this, we could maybe find a way to save the very thing we all need to live, our mother earth.