• Miss Jennie Frondell
Name :
Jennie Frondell
Country :
Ages :
Height :
168.0 cm
Weight :
54.0 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
2012-2015 nurse education at School of health and welfare, Jönköping university
Hobbies :
"Love to sing- use to sing in choirs but also solo Love to act - work as an actress in movies Love to workout - use to go to the gym, make me feel good and stay healthy Love to be with my family and friends - they have my heart and together we make memories and spread love "
Ambitions :
My ambition has and will always be to help other people. I have always worked with helping people, in one or sno ther way. It started when I were 8 years old, I volunteered as the ”classfriend” in school. to help bullied students, I kept working for them many years. I love helping. I started nurseachool and later on became to work as a nurse at the hospital. The last year has been hard, I was placed in the intensive care unit for covid patients. I am also a person with a lot of energy and I love to spread it, so I organize events or spread it through song.
During the last period when I have worked with covid patients, I have felt very low. I have had some patients that I have not been able to save. I have therefore tried to be a support to relatives, and for my own part, my colleagues and family have been a great support to me. I have therefore written a song for Miss Grand International that is just about that: that we are strong together, both in accident, violence or in illness. ”Keep calm, stay strong! we will do it together, you are not alone”
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