• Miss Anna-Marie Ondaatje
Name :
Anna-Marie Ondaatje
Country :
Sri Lanka
Ages :
Height :
173.0 cm
Weight :
54.0 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
1st year Business Management at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
Hobbies :
I love to spend time with my family and friends, bake treats for my family, listen to music and dance, hike and spend time outdoors, cycle, and coach rhythmic gymnastics to young athletes
Ambitions :
"I am ambitious to focus on helping eliminate poverty in my mother country, human rights, basic needs (food, clothing, and shelter), creating change in areas of health and safety, education, gender equality, foster, abuse, women, disaster response, refugee, sports development, arts, culture, and heritage, rural transformation and urban renewal. We want to partner with government, public and private sectors and foster greater public awareness of urgent issues. Build partnerships that bring together resources, expertise and vision working with the best organizations in the world. I am ambitious to promote good healthcare and safety to all our people and to be a Goodwill Ambassador to promote Sri Lanka across the Universe while promoting the idea that WE ARE ALL EQUAL AND HERE FOR A PURPOSE In the coming years I hope to be participating in various competitions. I will continue working hard to represent Sri Lanka at the upcoming competitions: the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships, Asian Championships, 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, Asian Games 2022 in Hangzhou Zhejiang, China, 2022 Summer Fisu World University Games, and to represent my mother country Sri Lanka as the first Rhythmic Gymnast to compete at the Olympic Games, at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France. This will allow me to fulfill my dream of giving back to my mother country, by inspiring the youth, and expanding the sport in Sri Lanka. I’m inspired from my father’s side to emulate my great aunt, Maureen Hingert, who was the only beauty queen of Sri Lanka to be the runner-up at the Miss Universe Contest in 1955. This will help me to promote my mother country Sri Lanka on a different platform across the universe. I will also be continuing to work on my Cosmetics, Beverages and Apparel brands (AnnaQuintO AQO). I plan for these all to be manufactured in Sri Lanka and to promote each globally. This will allow me to fund my foundation, as Director/Goodwill Ambassador of the A Quint Ondaatje Foundation. I would like to be remembered as someone who was influential, inspiring, and contribute to building a positive society, and led everyone to know that; “We are all Equal and Here for a Purpose”."
I am currently working on my brand AQO/AnnaQuintO, and looking forward to create the first Rhythmic Gymnastics School in Sri Lanka. I have also been learning more about fashion, styling, and modelling.
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