• Miss Kristina Shenknekht
Name :
Kristina Shenknekht
Country :
Ages :
Height :
173.0 cm
Weight :
50.0 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
"My Occupation: Now I work as a Forex trader and investment management, about 2 years. And I have my second job as a director of a telecommunications company, more than 1 year. And I have been working as a fashion model since 2014 My Education
Hobbies :
" I love an active lifestyle, traveling, learning something new. I love snowboarding, diving and horse riding, playing tennis and sometimes watching football. I love history, art, architecture. I have visited 15 countries in 2 years, and in each of them I have been to local museums and historical places. Besides in my free time I like to cook and bake desserts for my family and friends. And when I have inspiration, I devote myself to creativity. It can be drawing, poetry and various handicrafts."
Ambitions :
"My main goal is to open a charitable foundation. I walked towards my goal for a long time and finally, it almost happened. I’ve already prepared and submitted the necessary documents for registration. And now I just need to wait for the official registration from the local governments and follow the next steps for the official opening. Unfortunately, due to the situation with Covid-19, these dates are shifted. "
' I was born and raised in a small village in the south of Siberia. After graduating from medical university, I went to work as a model abroad and I’ve visited 15 countries in two years. I learned English on my own, it was my fourth language after Russian (my native language), German and Latin. After I started studying Spanish, but still only the basic level. Besides I have prizes and nominations in beauty contests: Miss Eco International Russia, 2021 “Miss Beauty&Intellect”, Miss Europe Continental, 2019 Top 10, Miss Asia, 2019 3 runner up World beauty queen, 2019 Miss Tourism World Siberia, 2018 «Envoy of beauty», 2017 Miss Siberia , 2017 During the onset of the pandemic time, at this difficult and extreme time, when the medical staff couldn’t cope with the number of people who got sick, I with a medical education, went to the aid of my country and I worked at the primary health care of citizens with COVID-19. '
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