• Miss Adriana Moya
Name :
Adriana Moya
Country :
Costa Rica
Ages :
Height :
173.0 cm
Weight :
58.0 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
Architect at United Nations Costa Rica
Hobbies :
Traveling around the world and reading
Ambitions :
Be a good leader to help society
I am a very a passionate, greatful and hard working person. I believe that success isn’t something that you chase, it is something that you attract by the persone you become. That’s why I am not working to get a crown, I am working to become the person that is worth that crown. I want to be a leader and show the word the true capacity of women and I know that’s part of being MGI, so I would love to take your goals as mine, get out of my comfort zone and influence society as a great team.
Personal Opinion