• Miss Olga Bykadorova
Name :
Olga Bykadorova
Country :
Ages :
Height :
182.0 cm
Weight :
65.0 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
I have graduated with a Bachelor in Commerce, Major in Finance. I am working as a Real Estate financial analyst at a commercial bank. And to balance things out, I am part time model.
Hobbies :
On my free time, i like to invest my time in others and to make an impact. Whether it is helping my community or my close ones, this is when I feel happiest. I also develop a program to educate children about financial literacy.
Ambitions :
"My ambition is to bring light to people. I am a daughter of immigrant parents, that chose to escape war and bring me to Canada for a hope at a brighter future. I have seen what war can to do families and what gift it is to live in peace. Today, I realise how important my mission is as a Canadian, and I want to bring to the world a little bit of what Canada gave to me."
I have a little sister who is 12 years old. She follows my journey to the Miss Grand International. The most precious gift, is to see the world through her eyes and show her by example that any dream is possible.
Personal Opinion