• Miss Eloísa Gutiérrez
Name :
Eloísa Gutiérrez
Country :
Ages :
Height :
175.0 cm
Weight :
59.0 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
2021 / Televisa / Tv conducting
Hobbies :
I love travel and meet new places, people and cultures. I like exercise, read, art, visit museums, particularly painting. I love meditation because it allows me to grow personally and spiritually.
Ambitions :
My main ambition is be crowned Miss Grand International 2021.
I am Eloísa Gutiérrez, I was born in Sucre capital of Bolivia, I am 23 years old, I studied commercial engineering. In 2014 I began my participation in beauty pageants, which led me to represent my country internationally. After that, I joined one of my greatest passions, which is to communicate and entertain the public on TV, where I participated in different formats. My desire to continue preparing and in search of being recognized internationally I went to settle in Mexico, where for 4 years I have studied acting and conducting TV in one of the most representative television stations in America, Televisa. I am an enterprising woman who started her own brand two years ago which bears my own name, with which I seek to enhance the internal and external beauty of women. I am extremely persevering and disciplined and that has led me to meet each of my goals. My best effort today is be crowned Miss Grand International 2021, it would be a great honor for me to represent this noble cause to put a stop to war and in favor of non-violence.
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