• Miss Aya Abdallah Ahmed
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Aya Abdallah Ahmed
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location at :  Novotel Airport Bangkok
Personal Opinion

I Am With Everyone In The World Who Want To Stop The War Cause Does Not It Make Sense With The Progress Of Mankind And The Extent Of What We Have Technology And Scientific Advances That The Language Of Understanding Only Between Peoples Is The Survival Of The Strongest Because He Should Not Develop Language Among Us Help All Of Us To Invest Common Features And Tolerate Our Differences And The Best Solution In My Opinion Is To Saving The Time, Effort And Money To Develop State And Assistant Poor People Also The Important Thing We Must Be Maintained Is Bloodshed (Human Blood). And He Called Alexander The Great Integration Between Peoples And Marriage Between The Various Races And Integration Between The Races And Different Cultures And Doesn't It Make Sense That After All These Centuries That Separate Us From Alexander The Great To Advance To Back Support Differences Rather Than Agreement And Now May Come Beauty Contest Seeks To Spread The Goal Of Which Is To Stop The War And Live In Peace.