• Miss Miss Natasja Smith
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Miss Natasja Smith
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My Name Is Natasja Smith 18 Years Old And I’m From Denmark, Right Now I’m Working In Copenhagen Airport And As A Fashion Model From The Danish Agency Unique Model. When I’m Free At Work I Spend Most At My Time At The Gym, I Love Working Out And Challenge My Own Body. Im A Person Who Is Always Happy And Positive, I’m Also Ready To Help Friends And Family When They Need Me, And Think About Them Sometimes Before Myself.
location at :  Novotel Airport Bangkok
Personal Opinion

In My Opinion War Is The Most Terrible Destructable Thing The Human Spiecis Has Created, And For What Cause? To Be More Powerfull? To Gain Control Of The Whole World? Animals Are Fighting Constantly, But Because It’s Their Nature To Find Food And Stay Alive, But Many Humans Don’t Call Themself Animals. But Reality Is A Fact That We're Animals, Accturally The Most Dangerous One. Do We Want To Be? We Can Change The World, We Can Make A Statement Each And Every One For The Entire World, And All The Living Creatures. Stop The War, Live In Peace. Instead Try To Destroy The Hunger In Several Places In The World. A Dead Body Causes Suffering For An Entire Family, That Can Quick Be A Lot Of People. Sadness Lives To Anger And Anger Lives To Revenge. We Are The Humans We Have Created This Terrible Unneccessay War Around The World. Stop It Now. Like The Legendary Man - Micheal Jackson Said That Try To Make A Different: Heal The World, Make It A Better Place, For You And For Me And The Entire Human Race. Thats Where I End My Speach.