• Miss Liane Bonofacia
Name :
Liane Bonofacia
Country :
Ages :
Height :
172.0 cm
Weight :
55.0 kg
Body figure :
34 24 36
Education/Occupation :
Organizational Psychologist
Hobbies :
Volunteer work, drawing
Ambitions :
I would love to start a foundation to help cancer patients and survivors to regain their confidence. I have seen closely how having this illness affects someone's self confidence and the way they view themselves and if i'm able to provide this small comfo
I went to the Netherlands to study psychology after completing my secondary education in Curaçao. My mom always instilled in her children the value of having a diploma, so being determined and studious as i am, i made sure to achieve that goal. By continuously developing myself, putting education central and learning from my life experiences, today i want to be the one motivating and helping others to believe in themselves and reach their potential. I am a friendly, caring and confident woman who likes to help and contribute to her community, which is why i do volunteer work. I furthermore want to be an asset to the world by advocating tolerance and respect as a way to achieve more peace in the world. I trust that with this short description, i have been able to offer you a glimpse of this loyal, grateful and empathic 27 year old woman, by the name of Liane Bonofacia
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