Name :
Country :
Ages :
Height :
172.0 cm
Weight :
62.0 kg
Body figure :
34.5 26 36
Education/Occupation :
university of Cebu college of nursing/ ESL instructor at Enderun College
Hobbies :
running half marathons, soccer, hiking, snorkeling, reading, white water rafting, horse back riding
Ambitions :
Become the first Filipina Miss Grand International, and after, finish my masters in mental health nursing.
I grew up in Florida my whole life. As a child I was heavily immersed in both Asian and Hispanic cultures. I have been an athlete since the second grade. I have traveled Asia. A I moved to Cebu when I was 22 and have done several charity works with my organization involving people who have lost their homes due to natural disaster. I have worked in the government hospitals of the Philippines as a nursing student and have assisted in countless operations and have had exposure to every branch of nursing. My goal in life is to have my degree in mental health nursing and have my own practice that incorporates a human and animal therapy with animals that have been rescued.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign : Stopping the war begins with stopping the violence at home. People are not born monsters, they are raised as monsters. We need to start by educating people, helping families via counseling and rehabilitation, and stopping the corruption and oppression and offer better opportunity, then we can stop the violence and the hatred and start fostering a healthier society.