• Miss Shivani Jadhav
Name :
Shivani Jadhav
Country :
Ages :
Height :
170.0 cm
Weight :
51.0 kg
Body figure :
32 26 37
Education/Occupation :
Bachelors in Technology from Pune university
Hobbies :
I enjoy reading books, as biogrophic storylines and narratives broadens my imagination & creativity. I love listening to jazz & country music as it soothes my emotions. I often strum the guitar to entertain my dear ones. At leisure, I enjoy cookin
Ambitions :
Since my formative years, I’ve always been fascinated with beauty queens and the world of pageantry because of what it brings to the society, in terms of influence, inspiration, empowerment and change. I aspire to be one such global youth icon, leading a
I am blessed to have been raised in a progressive and holistic upbringing, having experienced love and care. Owing to my strong academic background, I’ve given due importance to my education and I wish to pursue learning all my life. My heart goes out to those children who haven’t been fortunate enough to be brought up in a homely environment and are often oppressed, hence I devote my quality time rescuing children at risk. With combined efforts, we have created an ecosystem where children are protected & educated at a shelter home, functioning overnight. I root my nature to the principle of simplicity, and I have truly believed that with gratitude, service and generosity, I can make my worth & existence count.
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