• Miss Josee Isabelle Riche
Name :
Josee Isabelle Riche
Country :
Ages :
Height :
168.0 cm
Weight :
53.0 kg
Body figure :
30 26 35
Education/Occupation :
Medical doctor RSS Universite de la Fondation Aristide
Hobbies :
Reading, writing, and entertaining children
Ambitions :
Becoming genicologist
I am a young ambitious, diligent, hardworking woman who want to help other women and children to have a better life in Haiti. I would like to help them to realize that they can acheive their dream without being afraid of anyone. As a young medical doctor, I see each and everyday women and children who come in the hospital for violence perpetrated on them. I would like to educate and make them conscious of their potential in order to break them out of this cycle of violence.
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