• Miss Lalaine Desiree Mahler
Name :
Lalaine Desiree Mahler
Country :
Ages :
Height :
170.0 cm
Weight :
55.0 kg
Body figure :
33 25 35
Education/Occupation :
Student, final year of High School
Hobbies :
Dancing, Singing, Traveling
Ambitions :
I think everybody has seriously ambitious like being a supermodel or just a role model, I care myself just in being happy, making my family proud and increasing all my goals and that's my biggest ambitious.
I was born and raised in Germany, but my family comes from the Philippines, since I was a child they show me that I have to be proud from where I come but I have to be sure to where I want to go at the same time, I love the beauty pageants and I feel so happy when the others see in me something special; that's why I apply for being Miss Grand Germany and when I get the answer I was in shock, because I was waiting for this chance since I was that little child. Im committed to the environmental care and with campaigns that can give me the chance to help others.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign : I think that it´s really important that the MGI org. shows to the world that being a beauty queen it´s more than just being pretty; and even more about saying that you are agree with the World Peace, we need to fight for that and support the people that are having the worst time of their life trough this process. With this kind of campaigns we can show to the world that its ok to speak about it and its our problem as society to fix the issues about every kind of war that can happens. We can't be selfish and look behind the shoulders and say that we support them and never try to search for a solution, that's why I decided to go to Venezuela and show my support to every Venezuelan that I can meet during the competition, they need to see that they have our support and that we know all this chaos that is around them. I hope that in the next years 'Stop The War and Violence' take an important place for fixing this problems and if I can be there for helping, count on me even if I'm not the Miss Grand International 2019 I'm part of this Family now and like the family always do we have to support each other.