• Miss Francisca Lavandero
Name :
Francisca Lavandero
Country :
Ages :
Height :
182.0 cm
Weight :
56.0 kg
Body figure :
35 24 35
Education/Occupation :
Leading Edge School of Pilots. I am a Pilot
Hobbies :
Photography, Traveling.
Ambitions :
I would like to travel all the countries of the world, just me and my plane
I am a woman raised in the countryside in southern Chile. I had a beautiful childhood, where there was bullying, but I was always clear that we are all human beings, nobody is different just because they are too tall or too skinny. Understanding how important it is to respect others, has me today in Miss Grand, confident that by teaching respect, we can easily end not only with bullying, but with the wars and conflicts that concern them day by day. 2 years ago, regardless of prejudices, I decided to study to be a pilot and thus be able to devote myself to what I love most in life.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :  For me it means creating awareness on a large scale. use the media and send an invitation to respect each other. #LetsTalk