• Miss Parapadsorn Disdamrong
Name :
Parapadsorn Disdamrong
Country :
Ages :
Height :
175.0 cm
Weight :
55.0 kg
Body figure :
81/61/91 cm
Education/Occupation :
studying in communication arts at Ransit University
Hobbies :
traveling around Thailand and exercise everyday
Ambitions :
I would like to opened the foundation for children and women.
Miss Grand Thailand 2014 Parapadsorn Disdamrong
location at :  Novotel Airport Bangkok
Personal Opinion


Any war and violence will bring about loss of life and property to both side always,
that cause the nation will be deteriorate, weaken and making damage of many things not only politics, economies, association
but also a reliability from worldwide. The war conflicts that occur in the society. Because everybody has different opinions of their own.
May not understand each other.

The thoughs, actions and words that results of a conflict slightly raised to severe, as well.  Everything is happening from all mood without consciousness and reason for restrain yourself. Often caused by a lack of acceptance to listen a reason from each other. So if you would like
to terminate the conflict you have to required consciousness to control your mood, open mind to listen each other's reasons for understanding and
for harmony, by use of religion, ethics and patience help to reduce anger resent. And know how to forgive and change the hatred to mercy, give good things, feeling love to each other and peace returned.