• Miss Malwina Ratajczak
Name :
Malwina Ratajczak
Country :
Ages :
Height :
179.0 cm
Weight :
59.0 kg
Body figure :
32 24 35
Education/Occupation :
I jus finished high school.
Hobbies :
I love painting an practice yoga.
Ambitions :
My ambition is to open my own business which will be real estate agency.
I live in Poland in town called Szczecin, its situated in the noth of Poland which I think is the most charming place in my country. You can find there beautiful landscapes of our Polish Balitc Sea. This is the palce where i spend my childhood, I grow up and I hope that will become old here becouse it's my the best palce on Earth. This is also common with my character becouse Im quite stabile person, I like in my live to keep everything in order, I like calm and I have a big heart, what makes me a very sensitive person.
Personal Opinion