• Miss Blanca Arambulo
Name :
Blanca Arambulo
Country :
Ages :
Height :
185.0 cm
Weight :
67.0 kg
Body figure :
42 26 36
Education/Occupation :
University Third year, of Bachelors degree in Social Work (Fairleigh Dickinson University) Work: Medical Assiant with in Destefano Chiropratic
Hobbies :
I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends, cooking and reading about personal growth and motivation
Ambitions :
I can proudly say thay I am a woman who has accomplished many goals, sets out everyday to live a life of inspiration, and continually looks for efforts that pushes humanity forward. Although, there have been hurdles, I have not allowed this to stop me fro
I am a leader, a visionary, and a passionate individual. I believe that a strong work ethic creates opportunities. As a role model in my community and future Social Worker my desire is to represent hard work and dedication. My mother has always taught me to reach for my dreams and acheive my goals. She inspires me everyday to live a life of commitment, fulfillment, to conquer every fear, and never stop creating new goals. When I look back in 15 years from now I want to know that my life was lived with purpose. That I lived a life of service to others and that I did the best to leave a legacy in this world.
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