• Miss Nicole Menayo
Name :
Nicole Menayo
Country :
Costa Rica
Ages :
Height :
170.0 cm
Weight :
49.0 kg
Body figure :
33 24 35
Education/Occupation :
concluded masters study plan in law at La Salle University (process of thesis)
Hobbies :
Traveling, picking up plastic at beaches, yoga, meditate in my house spiritual altar, hiking, watching sunsets.
Ambitions :
In the next four years I see myself being a grand slam queen that truly promotes human rights and having my own sportswear and lingerie brand made 100% with Italian recycled plastic fiber, sustainable materials and actively working to promote gender viol
Im an unusual chameleon soul with so much love and gratitude inside me you wouldn't imagine. Growing up, unlike many think I didn't have it figure out nor I knew who I wanted to be. As I overcame many difficult stages of my life such as bullying and overweight I came out of a very big depression. At some point I had red short hair, only wore black and closed myself to this beautiful life. It was through music and internet I met other people like me and started to heal. I discovered photography and fashion with internet, facebook was initiating so I got influenced to becoming more feminine which as result made me feel better about myself. For this reason I started my law career, I wanted to defend the dignity and integrity of people that had been bullied and besides as I became more feminine I discovered the violence we are immersed in as a gender, that desire to defend people from injustices in general grew bigger and bigger, I started modeling and In the process I ran into beauty pageants, discovered the amazing possibilities of this social platform and how, different to modeling, there was a social cause that perfectly fit my goal of serving as a positive tool in society. I now love life, sometimes I get emotional when I remember I didn't because life is a miracle, we don't know why we are here and no god has come from the skies to tell us our purpose. We give purpose, we decide to be happy, we educate ourselves and others, thats why everyday I live in gratitude for discovering the real significance of beauty and why I am in this journey.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign : Armed conflicts are man made, which means they can also be eradicated by us. I´m grateful for those who work seeking for peace and those providing a platform such as Miss Grand International to create awareness but also actively get involved in the solution. Dialogue, education and re education through social media, important events, organized marches and charity are some of the many tools and mechanisms that can be implemented. Lastly, doing it in a creative, inclusive way is key.