• Miss Elena Romero Zambrana
Name :
Elena Romero Zambrana
Country :
Ages :
Height :
172.0 cm
Weight :
54.0 kg
Body figure :
35 23 35
Education/Occupation :
I will start studying international relationships this year will be my first year of university at the UDABOL university.
Hobbies :
I like Baking and reading poetry books
Ambitions :
Becoming an ambassador of my country, to promote the culture and tourism of my country through my people's voice.
I come from a little town called: Alcala inside the city of Chuquisaca in Bolivia. I study 'Food Engineering' and just starting my second carreer: 'International Relationships'. I would like in a near future , have my own food industry and be an ambassador of my country. Being the oldest between my two young sisters, my two sisters became the main strength of all my effort i give every day. I write and eat with my left hand and all the other activities i use my right hand. I love listening to reggae music and latin rock. My parents decided to called me: ELENA ANTONIA, in honour to my grand mothers which have passed away, having their names makes me feel closer to them even if they are not here any more. Its been now 5 years of me being a vegetarian person, because my carreer showed me the cruelty that suffer the animals in the industrial slaughterhouses.
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