• Miss Kristýna Langová
Name :
Kristýna Langová
Country :
Czech Republic
Ages :
Height :
177.0 cm
Weight :
51.0 kg
Body figure :
33 24 35
Education/Occupation :
Student of medicine
Hobbies :
sports, dance, studies of human body, psychology, modeling, nature, charity works
Ambitions :
I was a poor girl from a small village, with a big dream. I returning my childhood when I was ridiculed by others, they told me "you'll never have what you want." And.. I became 1st runner up Miss Czech Republic, beacuse I'm really hardworker an
I'm positive, hardworker, smart, competitive, reliable, easy going, open mind, social, empathy, charitable, lady and strong women in one. I would describe myself like balanced young woman, who goes straight to her dreams. I'm not worried to work hard, because in my life I never got nothing for free. I love kids and save people's lifes, that's why I study medicine to become a nurse. I also love to be on the stage and spot a reflector, beacuse from my childhood I was joining a lot of dance and gymnastics competition and every time I was so hungry to get the gold medail That's why I spent a lot of time in a gym training. And this is my life, I work hard everytime when I want something like to win Miss Czech Republic (and also now is my dream to win Miss Grand International.) I really want to make my country proud of me and give them the gold crown. My organization would deserved to be honored.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign : Start the solve problems are speaking about problems. One voice can bring more people to the opinion. Because togteher we are stronger and we can do something by our hands and not just by our mouths. Like a nurse I'm really close to the other people, because once I saved human life and it's the best feeling in my hearth. That's why I really want to join this campaign, wear a black t-shirt Miss Grand Int. and help with my own hands and with my all heart. In Czech Republic we don't really know in these days what the war really means. But I feel that our kids grow up in this life in full of the violence in television and social media, so this is the big problem of our next generation. Our kids must grow up in the full of love and peace and our parent should think about it. In multicultural countries like now exist everywhere, we need to spray none of rasism beacuse we all are the same inside, doesn't matter the collor of our skin. I'm prepared to give myself to this campaign and help you (help to the all world) - Miss Grand Int.