• Miss Fanta Kabia
Name :
Fanta Kabia
Country :
Sierra Leone
Ages :
Height :
167.0 cm
Weight :
66.0 kg
Body figure :
32 26 36
Education/Occupation :
George Washington Universir
Hobbies :
modelling, reading, yoga, gym
Ambitions :
To use my international platfoem and become a diplomat and in the future an embassador. Also become a world class philanthropist and support causes pertaining to female genital mutilation and girls education.
I am a kindred spirit with soaring ambitions and a heart full of empathy and the urge to better the life of those in need. I have overcome much adversity in my life and have shown much resiliance throughut all my endeavors. Coming from a low income, single parent household, I sought to distinguish myself in all aspects of my life in order to possess personal fullfillment. Throughout my studies, I always knew that my passions were International Relations and Politics so in secondary school and my university, I help numerous positions of power and helped implement several policies in the Student Rights Association Org. I graduated in May from the prestigous George Washington University in DC and currently hold a goverment contract with the United States Department of Defense,
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