• Miss Francis Everduim
Name :
Francis Everduim
Country :
Ages :
Height :
178.0 cm
Weight :
60.0 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
studying aviation service to become a flight attendant
Hobbies :
dancing, singing and socialise with my friends.
Ambitions :
To see a lot of different cultures and to learn from them.
        My name is Francis Everduim and I am 18 years old. During my time in Thailand I will celebrate my 19th birthday on september 22.

I am living with my parents and older brother in Zwolle, a small town in the north of the Netherlands. I study Aviation Service to become a flight attendant within a year. I’d like to travel around the World to see other countries and cultures. After this study I’d like to continue a study Communication. In my spare time I like to dance, socialize with my friends and listen to music.

On the first of June we had the finals voor Miss Grand Netherlands 2014. I was very excited to win the title.

I’m very proud to represant the Netherlands at the Miss Grand International 2014 in Bangkok and can’t wait to see the beauty of Thailand. I am looking forward to meet al the other girls from all over the World and I think it will be an experience I will never forget.
location at :  Novotel Airport Bangkok
Personal Opinion

PERSONAL OPINION : Stop the war!

My greatest wish for the future is that all people can live in freedom and peace, no mather your color, religion or sexe. 
In my country every year om may 4th we remember the victims of World war 2 and onmay 5th we celebrate our freedom.
I feel so lucky to live in a country where I can be who I want to be and do what I want to do and say what I want to say.

It’s scaring to see that my country has so many innocent victims through a war we weren’t even involved in.
So many lives of men, women and children we’re taken in a few moments when flight MH17
from Malaysia  Airways has been take down.

I think that World peace has tot start in yourself en your own neighbourhood. 
I know I can not change worldpeace on my own, but if there’s anything I can do to speak up for freedom
I am more then ready to do so.

These words I read a time ago:

         “All together you are strong, 
           use power for humanity. 
      I beg you people around the world: 
 Let’s change our children’s history!”

Let us people unite and not seperate, let’s learn from each other and be respectfull to other human beings.
Only then we can Stop the war! and live in peace and harmony.