• Miss Matilda Ip
Name :
Matilda Ip
Country :
Ages :
Height :
167.0 cm
Weight :
44.0 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
Studying at Hong Kong Baptist University
Hobbies :
Yoga and Swimming
Ambitions :
I want to be a primary school counselor.
        Hello everyone, my name is Matilda Ip and
it’s my honor to represent Macau in Miss Grand International 2014.

I recently finished my master’s degree in Social Science and my ambition is to become a Primary School Counselor as I always have passion in educational work and more importantly, I love kids very much. That’s why I chose to work in a Primary School for my practicum to begin with.

I am an out-going & adventurous person and always well prepare myself for any challenges. In my leisure time, I enjoy doing yoga as it keeps my mind peaceful and it’s a good way to relieve the stress too.

By participating in this year’s Miss Grand International, I’d like to take this precious opportunity to tell more people around the world about Macau, a small city which is said to be the World Heritage City of the East. And I also believe the pageant will certainly give me an amazing journey to experience the essence of life.

Look forward to meeting you all in Bangkok, see you soon!
location at :  Novotel Airport Bangkok
Personal Opinion



I would be proud and honoured to be a part of the “Stop the war and violence” campaign.
I am aware of the many people out there who are fighting for human rights, supporting organizations as Amnesty and Peace Worldwide.
Donating money for these causes are a great start, but there is even more one can do.

As one of the worlds greatest artist once said, you have to start with the person standing in the mirror.
As one starts with him self, one can then spread the knowledge around us; everyone should be aware of what’s going on in those countries where human rights seemed to be forgotten. The world is a more globaly connected place now and thus, people like me and you have the opportunity to reach others with these words, but we also need the will to do so.

To have a strong will to make the world a better place is key. The values that should be expressed through this will are the messages of understanding, sharing, equality and the right to education. This will lead to a more humane and caring World. During my time in Thailand I will do my very best to inspire the people around me. Because together, and only together, I am absolutely positive that we can replace the war and violence of today with the peace and love of tomorrow.


Eleonore Lilja Sweden