• Miss Diana Osypenko
Name :
Diana Osypenko
Country :
Ages :
Height :
179.0 cm
Weight :
69.0 kg
Body figure :
38 - 27.5 - 38
Education/Occupation :
Kyivstar National Economic University, International Relations
Hobbies :
Learning foreign languages, dancing and singing.
Ambitions :
I am eager to spend my youth living in several countries (4 at least) and learn additionally 4 languages. As a result I want to know 10 languages(at least). Knowledge about people living in different countries, speaking different languages and confessing
Since early childhood (6-16 years old) I was attending ballroom dancing school. I spent approximately 10 happy years dancing and taking part in various competitions which undoubtedly affected my character, made me an enduring person. As a final point of my dancing career I won the Ukrainian championship in 2006. Since 17 years old when I entered University I've been living separately from my parents. At that period of my life I discovered my Passion for foreign languages, new countries and religions. I started exploring world outside me and inside me. As a result I fell for fundamental psychology and philosophy. Undoubtedly knowledge about our world can give us a chance to solve the problem of hunger, thirst, pollution and terror. For now my goal in to start working with United Nations Organization. I want to help saving lives of people and support talented personalities because undoubtedly they move our world towards a better future which I am constantly seeking for.
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      We must struggle not against the war but for peace.