• Miss Adriana Sanchez Rivas
Name :
Adriana Sanchez Rivas
Country :
Ages :
Height :
182.0 cm
Weight :
61.0 kg
Body figure :
36 - 25.5 - 37
Education/Occupation :
I am an English Philologist.I studied at Malaga University (Spain) and Northumbria my master's degree in Teaching Compulsory Secondary Education and Bachiller, Vocational Training and Language Teaching. I am currently working in both teaching and modeli
Hobbies :
Since I am a philologist I love reading and writing. I consider myself a very sportive woman so I do as much sport as I can, however, my favourite one photography a lot but what I love the most is spending time with my family and my friends.is karate.
Ambitions :
I want to win MIss Grand International, but in the future or in case I did not win I would love to work in a publishing house.
I am a pretty confident person. Stubborn, talkative and why not?a little bit crazy. I consider myself a reliable person with whom friends and family can honestly say what they are thinking. I am also self demanding and extremely competitive and I love challenging myself in different ways.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :

         As European I think that until the sad and very last events happened in Europe, we had forgotten or even maybe left out what had been happening around us.
         ”Stop the wars and violence” is a campaign which will make people aware of the pain and the necessity of those who are living in difficult situations while it will try to spread a message of hope for everybody.

         Because of this, I think that what this organization aims to do is not just beneficial for a society which does not frequently remember the current suffering of the world, but potentially useful for a better future for all of us.