• Miss Viktoria Nagy
Name :
Viktoria Nagy
Country :
Ages :
Height :
166.0 cm
Weight :
50.0 kg
Body figure :
33 - 25 - 31
Education/Occupation :
My ambition in life is to enjoy life as it can be taken away very quickly, to help other people even if they don't ask for it as I am in a position to help other people with my title and not a lot of people have this amazing opportunity that I have. To tr
Hobbies :
Dancing, charity event organization
Ambitions :
I would like to establish a foundation for seriously ill children. Additionally I would like to successfully perform on beauty pageant in Las Vegas.
I like being and performing on the stage since my childhood. I took part on poetry recital and singing competitions before. I had been dancing for 7 years and I graduated at a music school where I learned how to play the flute. I learned economics at the secondary school so I continued on the same specialization at the university. My plan is to establish an event organizer office in the following years. I’m interested in donating since my childhood. This led me to organize my first charity event to a little girl who was suffering from many pain and problems created by cancer. Thank God she is currently healthy. After this I organized a charity ball in 2015 for kids suffering from different kind of diseases and now, in 2016 I’m organizing the third charity ball. Fortunately there are many supporters around me who are managing the kid’s future together with me. Among my biggest dream is to establish a foundation for kids whose disease make their life difficult and they need help. I have been performed on many beauty contests. I have already gained 3 pageant crowns and 7 ribbons. I have the honor to represent my country and I would like to come back with the best results I can reach in Las Vegas.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :

         First of all I would like to emphasize the importance of education and charity-volunteering activities. I’m absolutely on the same opinion as Nelson Mandela said: ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. In my opinion without proper education we can’t really understand and appreciate the purpose of the volunteering. As a regular charity event organizer I’m convinced that these small steps are the basics by which we can change the world to a little better place