• Miss Madison Anderson
Name :
Madison Anderson
Country :
Puerto Rico
Ages :
Height :
178.0 cm
Weight :
52.0 kg
Body figure :
32 - 23.5 - 35.5
Education/Occupation :
I am a student of fashion design and textiles in NY.
Hobbies :
Modeling, Dancing, Exercising
Ambitions :
I would like to own my own company Textiles Designs
Since childhood I instilled great values, among which I can highlight honesty, respect and commitment. I am a woman committed to the challenges presented me on my way. One of my greatest strengths are the perseveracia, as I struggle to achieve my goals and help others.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :

              Since my childhood I have always been passionate about the cause being a victim of violence I believe the cause of ‘Stop the War’ can influence many around the world. I would like to be an ambassador and spokesperson of goodwill and be an advocate towards this cause and even someday be able to work with the ONU to takes us a step closer to a world filled with peace. Being able to know, and provide support to the veterans has opened my eyes as a young lady living in such a diverse society, that we have been living in a world of different ideas and ideals that divide us, people are killing each other, our different ideologies are leading us to war, when we should build upon unity to face difficulties together. These men have taught me that we have a magnificent capacity to be selfless and forget about our own personal interests and sacrifice for someone else or for a better cause. Therefore, I found myself trying to make a difference by bringing a helping hand to those who sacrificed and those who continue to sacrifice for peace.  I want to serve as a role model by spreading the need for tolerance and respect for life, because allowing ourselves to get rid of our prejudice brings a union we need for peace. A world with peace starts with peace within ourselves, be selfless and believe that we can actually do it!