• Miss Marta Redo
Name :
Marta Redo
Country :
Ages :
Height :
181.0 cm
Weight :
60.0 kg
Body figure :
35 - 26 - 38
Education/Occupation :
Architect's Assistant/Prochem
Hobbies :
Volleyball, Fantasy Books, Travels, Architecture, Design
Ambitions :
Becoming a famous architect
My name is Marta Redo. I'm Polish, born in North-East of my country. My adventure with beauty pageants started 1,5 year ago in a regional contest, called Miss Podlasia. I didn't belive in myself and I didn't think I could achieve as much as I did. A road through every step of a national beauty pageant brought me to a very special title, which is 1st Runner-up of Miss Poland. Not so long time ago I didn't have any ambitions from this direction, because I was an architecture student. Those studies demands a lot of hard work, but in the same time are very interesting. During my participation in the national beauty peagent I became a Master of Architecture in Bialystok University of Technology. And today I work as an architect's assistant in a very big company in Warsaw. In the same time i try to fulfill my duties as the second most beautiful Polish woman. In my free time I like to read books or spend time in a lot kinds of way with my friends and family.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :

         The War is the most cruel creation of mankind. When we would look through all the centuries since humans evolved to an intelligent being, we could notice that they were always fighting for food, territory, or other valuable items. And despite this huge amount of time, I have and impression that we learned nothing. We can count only a few years without war on our planet. And unfortunately it is caused because of a human nature. People have a need of gain. With all those years passed only a need of what to gain has changed. But the rule remained. We want to have a more wealthy life. The most cruel part is that a lot of people are pursuing this wealthness without looking at consequences. And this provides to using violence and in extreme cases to wars. So our duty is to show to the World this uncomfortable truth. An enormous amount of innocent people suffers because of someone's ambition, or lack of tollerance. It includes people being just in a wrong place, that did nothing wrong and also soldiers. They are called heroes, who they truly are, but in many cases they are forced to kill and use violence. And that makes them victims too. So is it worth to make so many people suffer? Of course not and we have to show it.