• Miss Rachel Onuwa Ikekhuame
Name :
Rachel Onuwa Ikekhuame
Country :
Ages :
Height :
174.0 cm
Weight :
56.0 kg
Body figure :
33 - 27 -36
Education/Occupation :
Diploma in health, safety and environmental studies, Bsc (still studying) Mass communication, certificate in screen and stage acting.Entrepreneur
Hobbies :
Creative writing, reading ,watching good movies , having deep mental conversations, cooking, taking walks at the beach, and spending quality time with family and loved ones.
Ambitions :
To be a successful and influential Entrepreneur, a force for positive growth, a global philanthropist and humanitarian.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :

I have always imagined a world where everyone lives in love, peace and equality.

Unfortunately we live in a world filled with chaos, anger and violence, which has lead to loss of lives, family's broken and the demise of countries. 

I believe this can change if we abandon negative emotions such as hate, anger and self centered pride rather embrace love and embrace effective communication which I believe is the solution to end any form of violence that will lead to war.