• Miss Paulina Flores
Name :
Paulina Flores
Country :
Ages :
Height :
171.0 cm
Weight :
55.0 kg
Body figure :
35 - 25 -36
Education/Occupation :
fashion designer
Hobbies :
painting, exercising,design
Ambitions :
Create a foundation to help children on the streets, start in my state and then expand to other states of Mexico and other countries ,because I believe that children are the future of the world . As also grow in the professional field and to start my Ma
My name is Paulina Flores I'm 25 years old and I'm from Monterey, mexico One of the most industrial and developed Cites in my country. I come from the small family my mom Norah, my dad Roberto and my brother Roberto jr. I have a boyfriend his name is Enrique and we been together since 2013 . I love animals i have four in my house two dogs a Chihuahua her name is frida One German Shepherd her name is molly and two cats a siamese cat his name tom and sphinx cat his the name nico In mi professional life I'm A fashion designer I Study in universidad de monterrey i graduated in 2012 . And in 2014 I have The opportunity to start my own business I have a small boutique under the name rosau and i design all the clothing that we sell in the store. On my personal life I like to travel so I can know different countries and cultures . I like to exercise I go to the gym five times in a week and I also some times do bikram yoga. I'm a fan of the Formula One I never miss a race in the hole season even though I have to wake up very early because of the different time zones or sleep really late to see all the grand prix's One of my dreams is one day I can make a foundation to help the kids on the streets because I think the kids are the future of these world, here Mexico we seen a lot kids on the streets and a lot of that kids they take the wrong way on their life's and a lot of that kids right now are criminals or work for a drug cartel . So I want to make this foundation and one day really soon I'm going to do it
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