• Miss Pankhuri Gidwani
Name :
Pankhuri Gidwani
Country :
Ages :
Height :
180.0 cm
Weight :
57.0 kg
Body figure :
34 - 26 - 34
Education/Occupation :
Pursuing Humanities from La Martiniere Girls' College
Hobbies :
Dancing, Writing poetry, Playing Drums
Ambitions :
To become a global influence in the entertainment world.
Namaste from India! I am Pankhuri Gidwani, a proud title holder of Miss Grand India 2016. Blessed with a healthy life of 19 years, I believe that life is not about how many breaths you take, but the moments, that take your breath away. 'Encompass the world. It’s your playground. Never let a moment pass you by.' Having been raised in a culturally rich family, my parents have been my torch bearers. They stood by in my thick & thin and have extended their wholehearted support in my pursuits. Networking is my forte and striking geo-political conversations, my sweet indulgence. I am expressive by nature and I project my emotions through the medium of dance & free verse poetry. I love to don the hat of a think-tank and direct my goals with a purpose driven vision. I heavily depend upon academics to nurture my wisdom and with God's grace I have aced it in my high school. Mother Nature draws me closer to spirituality and in my own significant ways; I religiously drive community service activities in my locality. I now eagerly wait upon my journey as Miss Grand International 2016 and I firmly believe, I will do justice to the vision of the organization, by taking the legacy forward, in making the world a peaceful & safer home to dwell in.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :

         Stop the War and Violence Let’s call it a truce! Need, Conflict, Discovery and warfare, We have got it all, in the circus of fanfare. Oh dear, in the pursuit of our share, Have we abandoned care? It’s about time mankind realises God’plan? It was to establish peace, that He created Man. Have you ever wondered, why does war occur? For selfish motives of some individuals to gain power? Or countries clambering to reach the top? For oil, resources and money? Or is it our culture and religion that instead of uniting us, tears us apart? Whatever the reason, it is disastrous. Thousands of lives are lost each time a hideous war occurs. When we put ourselves in the situation of losing a parent or sibling, we will realise the pain. When we are deprived of basic needs of life, we will know the suffering of a refugee. When we are not accepted in the society just because we come from a war-struck area, we will realise how miserable the condition of that human becomes. Countries’ economies destroyed, people uprooted, nature devastated. Are we ready to make such sacrifices? Is war so unavoidable that we have forgotten the essence of humanity? I say STOP. We have to believe that we as peaceful and intellectual minds can bridge the gap between cultures. We have to have faith, that by uniting we can erase the disease of poverty, illiteracy and hatred. And it will all begin with us. We need to trust that we can bring about this change together and that peace and harmony will rule on this Earth.