• Miss Merylin Nau
Name :
Merylin Nau
Country :
Ages :
Height :
168.0 cm
Weight :
51.0 kg
Body figure :
35 - 25 - 34
Education/Occupation :
Backup Dancer for Singers/Artists and Entrepreneur in Entertainment Business.
Hobbies :
Dancing, modeling, reading and acting, same as my work.
Ambitions :
Whatever I do, I do it from my heart, I give 110% from myself , that the results are PERFECT the way how I want to see them.
I am that person who is very purposeful,When I want to have something I go for it and make myself work for it and I give every single piece of myself to make it happen. I have an extremely strong sense of compassion and generosity. I consider myself as a very good person whom to work with in entertainment business. I am very professional, always on time, never late and I give ideas to make something better for everybody. For me it is very important to do good and change the world, bring the spiritual light to the world without asking anything in return.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :

         My Idea, is that people should more listen their hearts and think about what really makes them happy, not about "things" like money, land or oil they are fighting for. Things doesnt make us happy and never will.